Seattle Growth Podcast 5.10: homeless in Seattle season finale

The fifth season of the Seattle Growth Podcast has examined one of the most serious side effects of Seattle’s unbridled growth: an amplifying homelessness crisis.

In episode 5.10, host Jeff Shulman concludes the dialog on homelessness and how to address it by revisiting some of the most thoughtful voices the season: elected officials, business leaders, academics, advocates—and some of Seattle’s unsheltered residents who describe the challenges of being homelessness and share their opinions on possible solutions to this crisis.

And Casey Trupin, director of youth homelessness strategy at the Raikes Foundation, shares how Pearl Jam got involved in the homelessness crisis and how the successful Home Shows came together. The Raikes Foundation works with partners to help schools, child welfare services and the juvenile justice system recognize the early warning signs of young people in crisis to prevent homelessness.

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The Seattle Growth Podcast is hosted and produced by Shulman, a professor of marketing and the Marion B. Ingersoll Professor at the UW Foster School of Business.

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