Seattle Growth Podcast: making music during a pandemic

Zan Fiskum and Jeff Shulman

How are Seattle’s musicians and artists dealing with the social and economic crisis created by COVID-19?

This special episode of the Seattle Growth Podcast meets two Seattle-based artists who are rising to the challenge of keeping the legendary music scene thriving even in times of social distancing.

Zan Fiskum is a Seattle singer-songwriter who burst onto the national music scene as a finalist on the recent season of The Voice. Fiskum discuses her journey as an artist in Seattle and shares behind-the-scenes stories of what it is like to be a contestant on a music competition show.

Alec Shaw and Jeff Shulman

Alec Shaw is an emerging Seattle artist who will be performing with Fiskum and other songwriters on June 27 at the St. Jude Songwriters Showcase. Shaw shares his experiences in Seattle’s music scene and why he is eager to perform to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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The Seattle Growth Podcast is hosted and produced by Jeff Shulman, the Marion B. Ingersoll Professor of Marketing at the UW Foster School of Business.

Shulman is also the director and producer of On the Brink, the acclaimed documentary of history, hope and determination to save the soul of Seattle’s vanishing Central District from gentrification. The film can be streamed for free on

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