Silly Season

post-4-rubics-cube.jpgFor all the on-campus residential colleges, the first week was called “Silly Season”.  Each day of the week there were an assortment of social activities for the “fresh fresh” (incoming students) to get to know the other students, and for the other students to catch up with everyone else.  Here are a few of the activities.

Highlander Bar and Rubics Cube
There is a bar in St Andrews!  Semester started the next day, everyone hadn’t seen each other since last semester.  Fresh fresh didn’t know anyone.  It was a good opportunity to meet a lot of the residents.  We started the Rubics Cube party with all of the colors of the rubics cube.  During the party, you trade clothes with people you meet.  The objective is that by the end of the night, you are dressed in one color.

EGM – Extravagant Meeting.
It started at 7:30pm and lasted until 7:30am the next day.  The freshmen sat on one side of the Junior Common Room, and the 2nd/Seniors sat together on the other side.  The student leaders ran over school news/minutes/general news and upcoming events.  Fresh fresh got nicknamed by the 2nd/Seniors.  Freshmen got hazed (a little) some.

Walkabout Auctionpost-4.jpg
A group of 3 freshmen were auctioned off by 2nd/Seniors.  Walkabout – a group of 3 freshmen (minimum of 1 male) are dressed in ridiculous costumes, males usually get their hair shaved as if a 5 year old did it, girls get vegemite and honey in their hair.   Anyway, the group gets dropped off by their auctioned party hours and hours away from Sydney in the middle of no where.  The group gets left by the 2nd/Seniors, so they’re responsible getting home on their own – hitchhiking, or “Amazing Race” style traveling.  Group has no phone or money; although, the group has to carry objects (taken from their room) back.