Slaying the GMAT

Aaron Lykken, Manager – Academic Services & Technologies

It’s getting to be high noon for completing your TMMBA application, but will you be able to pull the trigger for the final application deadline on September 1st?  For those considering applying to the TMMBA program to begin classes this coming Winter, easily one of the most time sensitive matters that needs your immediate attention (if you haven’t already taken care of this) is preparing for the GMAT exam.  I think it’s safe to say that many people put this off because studying intensively for an exam doesn’t exactly equate to fun times and enticing party conversation.  But really, if you truly are serious about going to graduate school, you have to set aside time and invest in studying for this exam as it is a part of the path.  Practically all, if not every top business school across the nation requires the GMAT as a part of their application process so it’s time to take it seriously.  The actual content of the exam isn’t actually that difficult, but performing under a time constraint and taking apart multi-layered problems takes a healthy bit of practice.

There are three ways to approach taking the GMAT: wing it, self-study, and seeking the help of a test-prep course/tutor.  All three can lead to success but their level of success depends so much on each unique test taker.  Those who show up “cold” to the exam and receive a competitive score are extremely rare while those who are able to put in some advance prep increase their odds of success.  Self-study is very affordable (<$30 for a book) and you can learn a lot just by working through a workbook and learning the strategies.  If you have the money and prefer a more structured environment, the test-prep course and/or tutor is a wise choice.  Some of the biggest test-prep companies offer various work-compatible schedules, online, and even specialized programs for those short on time.

To find which option is best for you, do some honest reflection and make an assessment of your study needs so you can get the marks you desire.

So stop procrastinating and take care of business! (no pun intended…well, maybe)

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