So what is your problem?

Tracy Gojdics, TMMBA Program Director

Last Saturday TMMBA was a sponsor for Seattle 2.0’s Startup Day 2010 event in downtown Bellevue. It was a perfect place for the TMMBA Program as the program is full of aspiring startups.  It was great to see alums and students attending the event.  We have over 60% of incoming applicants stating that they want to start their own business.  We’ve seen it done too and the TMMBA Program has helped them do it.   It seems that we offer the MBA for technology professionals AND for technology entrepreneurs!

The opening speaker was a bit abrasive in his presentation delivery, but his message was good.  One thing that stuck with me was that an entrepreneurial startup has to start with a problem.  The solution is nice, but investors need to be convinced (actually they shouldn’t have to be convinced) that there is a problem that requires solving.  So it got me thinking about the Foster Technology Management MBA Program (the solution) and what the problems are. 

Here are the kinds of problems I hear on a daily basis:

1.  People want to start their own business, but lack the ability to do so in a thoughtful and strategic manner. 

2. A software engineer at Microsoft may not want to do that his/her whole life, but he/she doesn’t have the business acumen to step out of this role or a supportive professional network to help her do this.

3.  A scientist from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is looking to leverage his scientific background into a management position with great strategic responsibility, but lacks business background, knowledge and skills.

4.  The Amazon employee in testing wants to improve and build a strong, energetic professional network outside of his company for career purposes, but hasn’t found the right one.

5.  The unemployed technical database manager who has identified that she needs the business savvy and skills to make herself more marketable in the today’s business climate, but she needs to do so in a short time frame.

I hear a lot of problems and fortunately there is a solution:  Foster’s Technology Management MBA Program.  I’m sure you saw this coming a couple of paragraphs ago, right?  Well it is true.  I’ve seen each one of these problems solved with professionals choosing Foster’s Technology Management MBA Program. 

I’ll share the proof with you – be warned it will take several hours (or more)! 

Email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss your professional or career problems.

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