Spa Day in Seoul

Written by Nancy Shao, Foster undergraduate

A Korean friend took us to one of the biggest jjimjilbangs in Seoul “Dragon Hill Spa” or “Yongsan Spa”. The big sign says students who took the Korean college entrance exam can get in for free. It makes me wonder if we ever got any perks for completing the SAT. Well we probably don’t have it as hard as they do so they deserve a relaxing day in one of the best spas in Seoul! When we first entered, we were met with pictures of famous Korean celebrities that have been to this jimjjilbang. Among them were “Girl’s Generation” and the cast of the hit variety show “Running Man”.



The jjimjillbang is really big and has an arcade, spa, movie theater, PC room and a restaurant. We ate dinner in the restaurant and our Korean friends taught us how to make “Sheep Hair” by rolling up the towels. I’ve only seen this done in the dramas but it was on my “to-do” list. I proudly wore my sheep hair around the spa.