Spotted on LinkedIn: Foster MSCM Students

March was an exciting time at Foster MSCM as we introduced the talented students in our program ready to enter the workforce. We hope that showcasing their unique professional and experiential backgrounds will provide valuable exposure and opportunities to our students during their job search. 

The graduating class of 2023 has a wide range of passions and skills that they continue to update on the LinkedIn platform. We at Foster MSCM are proud to share their talents and interests via our LinkedIn page. Our aim is to support our students as they explore the vastness of the Supply Chain Management field and make their dream career out of it. 

Here’s what a current student had to say about being featured on the Foster MSCM LinkedIn page: 

Suyash Agarwal: “The Foster MSCM program has been very helpful in my job search, and recruiters have been making a stop on my profile to reach out to me which is a good sign.” 

Learn more about the bright minds at Foster MSCM:

Suyash Agarwal

A supply chain professional who aspires to remove inefficiencies and unnecessary redundancies from both products and processes to create the simplest possible product or process.

Alif Nasrin

A supply chain professional who endeavors to enhance business prospects through capitalizing on strategic sourcing, demand forecasting, and operational planning.

Sakshi Shukla

A supply chain professional and pre-Amazonian who interlinks the complete supply chain process from procurement to distribution.

Chauncey Qin

A supply chain strategist who utilizes data science and global logistics to drive business impact.

Leon Cheng

A data-driven product manager with 5+ years of experience in supply chain risk management, product portfolio management, channel management, and business analysis.

Rachel Pan

A financial professional with distinguished technology proficiency to enhance supply chain finance.

Abhilash Deori

A program manager with 7.5 years of experience in building and scaling operations/products for fast-growing companies across various industries such as retail, education, and travel.

Aditya Sharma

A versatile military veteran and a technical program operations & supply chain manager with 7+ years of experience spanning across cross-functional industries – supply chain, technology, and finance.

Smarty Shah

A multi-skilled professional with entrepreneurial traits who enjoys developing new products and processes from concept to market.

Tim Yeh

A supply chain analyst with 6+ years of experience in the retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries.

Check out the amazing skillset of the class of 2023 and stay up to date with student projects and fun happenings over on the Foster MSCM LinkedIn page!

Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]