Student Consultants Collaborate on Solutions for Non-Profit

During my freshman fall quarter I was graciously accepted as a Freshman consultant in the University of Washington’s Business Impact Group (BIG). Working with such a talented team, I was able to be exposed to the world of consulting. When I think of my first meeting for BIG, I cannot believe how far I have come. At the first meeting, I remember being shy and timid, too afraid to ask questions or share input. Despite my initial feelings, my team members clarified any possible ideas without me even having to ask. They were supportive and encouraging, providing me with all of the necessary tools for me to succeed.

Throughout the six-week project, my team and I were able to work with a local nonprofit to come up with a recommendation. Our client was engaging and extremely responsive, which made the overall project run smoothly and effectively. I enjoyed meeting our client and advisors weekly, and it soon became not only a part of my routine, but a part of my week that I grew to look forward to. At the end of the six weeks, my team presented our recommendations to our client. Because the client was so engaged and up-to-date throughout this project, the presentation came at ease for both my team and our client. We were able to be comfortable and ask each other difficult questions to push for the company’s optimal final decision.

Student consulting team

I am so happy I was able to be a part of BIG my fall quarter. I gained so many new experiences, interacted with highly intelligent and capable people, and developed endless soft skills. I have learned to be communicative and can easily adapt to new problems. My advice to any student is to take a chance and join the consulting world. Before college, I had no idea what consulting even was. My experience shaped my first quarter here at the University of Washington, and now, after my experience in BIG, I am equipped with skills even beyond business and consulting that I could not obtain anywhere else.


Guest post by freshman consultant, Eva Zumwalt


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