Hybrid MBA Program Interview: Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts

I submitted my Hybrid MBA Program application! Now What?

Congratulations for deciding to invest in yourself and your career! The time and effort you have put into submitting your best application is sure to show, especially since you attended an application workshop!  (Hint: attend this workshop) You are off to a great start!  Rest assured, your application is being reviewed for completion and qualifications. And, since you’ve done thorough research on the Hybrid MBA Program, completed all the application requirements and have been determined to be a competitive applicant, you’ll be asked to schedule a time for your admissions interview.

This is where things get good or fall apart.  We have interviewed hundreds of applicants through the years, and have accumulated a vast inventory of do’s and don’ts when it comes to the interview. We’d like to share with you our top five.

 Top 5 interview Do’s

  1. Be on time, in fact aim for being early. Being on time is a mark of an organized, prepared and conscientious person.
  2. Use the time effectively when asking questions. Ask questions that show you’ve done your research. It’s also okay if you don’t have questions.
  3. Be self-aware of the signals you are sending to the interviewer.
  4. Be authentic. Be you. No need to be nervous – keep in mind “no one knows you better than you”.
  5. Enjoy the interview. Interviews come in a variety of styles. Our style is conversational and curious, not interrogative or judgmental. You made it to the interview, so many of the “hard” questions have already been addressed.

Bonus tip – Follow up after the interview.  Professional etiquette is important.  It’s not about us getting a thank you; rather it is about you showing appreciation.  Something all great leaders do.  Note that many people may have helped you get to this point.  So why not acknowledge all of them?

Top 5 interview Don’ts

  1. Don’t dress casual, treat your admissions interview like a formal business interview
  2. Don’t waste time asking questions you should know before the interview from having read the website or by attending an information session. While it is said there are no “dumb questions” there are questions that show you haven’t done your proper research. Not a good way to end an interview.
  3. Don’t do all the talking, but don’t be afraid to elaborate. There are interviews where the interviewer barely gets a word in edge-wise and other interviews where the interviewee barely gives more than a one-word answer.
  4. Don’t check your phone during the interview. The interview is at most one hour; show that you can be present and attentive.
  5. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. If you think you have a weakness in your application be proactive in addressing it. If you don’t, chances are we will.

Bonus tip – Don’t be discouraged if the interview is short, it isn’t a sign that things fell apart.  A long interview isn’t always better.  Consider and keep in mind the do’s and don’ts and chances are the interview was better than good, regardless of length!

Again, congratulations on moving one step closer to earning your Foster MBA. And, if you haven’t attended an Information Session yet, then you will want to register for one today!

Published 03.07.2019

Updated 07.21.2021

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