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Health …

It came as little surprise, then, that when H1N1 took its first pass last spring, I came down with the flu at a terrible time. I missed quite a few days of work as well as a couple of lectures, and when some of the courses only have 4 days of class sessions, that is a problem. Finding yourself a week behind at work and school while you're trying to recover from the flu … sucks.

They said that???

Scott Hannah, TMMBA Student Do you feel like your team meetings are going nowhere?  Too much discussion, and too little progress.  It’s much like that... Read More

Study Teams

Tracy Gojdics, Director As you probably know, students in the TMMBA program are assigned to study teams of 4-5 people. One question that I often... Read More

The Keg

Lucas Perin, TMMBA Student My team, Espectro, has been tasked with the important responsibility of keeping the tradition of having a drink at the Keg... Read More