A Taste of Home and the Unknown

Guest Post by: Kyle Watrous, a Foster School senior studying Marketing and pursuing a Certificate of International Studies in Business. He participated in Foster Exchange at Kobe University in Japan.

Now that the semester has started and classes are underway, I am having fun exploring Kobe with my new friends.

Recently, a group of us went to Harborland, a waterfront area near the heart of the city. In many ways, it reminded me of the Seattle waterfront back home. It was a beautiful day and we walked along the coastline against the pristine Pacific waters and snapped a picture at one of the city’s landmark signs. We even indulged with one of my favorite treats, matcha ice cream! If you are ever in Japan, this is a must, especially on a bright and sunny afternoon like this one.

Along the way, we walked through the alleys of the China Town district. Or rather, we ate our way through them! The small pathways were teeming with vendors who sold a cornucopia of Chinese foods – everything from roast duck to steamed buns – and it all tasted as good as it looked. It was so cool to spend an afternoon in an area that reminded me of home just as much as it transported me to a different culture.

I am looking forward to all my adventures to come. I hope to explore the Japanese countryside and even hike Mt. Fuji later this summer!