Teaching style in the GEMBA Program

Faculty interaction is a crucial part of any student’s experience, and in the GEMBA program, there are many opportunities to work closely with professors who are experts in global business.

Senthil Prabhu Palaniswamy (India) appreciated the smaller class size in GEMBA, which enabled him to collaborate closely with classmates, and also to get individualized attention from professors.

Takashi Goto (Japan) felt that the GEMBA faculty encouraged students to do well in class, and that the faculty was sensitive to the cultural differences in a global classroom like GEMBA’s.

Zhanpeng Sun (China) tells us about the “flipped classroom” concept, which he says is a very hot topic in China these days. The GEMBA program gave Zhanpeng his first opportunity to experience a flipped classroom, and he found it a very effective learning tool.

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