Team spirit carries EMBA student through recession

Megan Lum, Foster School Executive MBA program student (class of 2010), is blogging for Business Week while pursuing her graduate degree.

In her first post, Lum shares her story of losing a job—and corporate funding for the program—mid-degree. After these set-backs, she decided to stick with the Executive MBA program, in part, because of the collaborative environment at the Foster School of Business.

In her own words…

“I was very lucky to have been put in a study group filled with extremely bright and talented professionals. While UW called us the Purple Team, we dubbed ourselves the Phoenicians. We developed a team charter that we have stuck to so far. The five of us—Rebecca, Aidan, Dave, Eric, and me—have become an extremely effective team.

“My husband and I sat down and considered the options. I could continue with the EMBA program with its premium price. I could transfer to a full-time day or evening program, which would undoubtedly be less costly. In the end, we decided that I would stay with the EMBA program. The EMBA class schedule would undoubtedly be more attractive to a new employer, but most important, I didn’t want to miss the camaraderie and support of my fellow Phoenicians and the rest of my EMBA class.

“I had expected the MBA to fill out my skill set and give me the tools I needed to go where I wanted in my career. What I had underestimated was the broadening of my skills and world view. I had always been so confident that I would be an EHS executive. Now, after just a year of my program, I could see there were many more options before me. I’m no longer convinced that I will finish my career as an EHS executive. There are so many more possibilities.

“In hindsight, it’s rather amazing how much my paradigms have changed in a year, the first of my MBA program.

“I can’t wait to see what I learn in my second year.”

Read Megan Lum’s full blog post on Business Week.

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