Teamwork in Action: Finding Mentorship Among Peers

My first quarter here at the University of Washington this fall I got the chance to partake in the Foster Consulting Program through the Foster School of Business. My experience as a whole throughout this project has been nothing but positive. This project has challenged me in many ways, but because of the resources I was provided and my amazing teammates I was able to overcome those challenges with confidence. I was given the unique opportunity to be able to work with a real local business within Seattle to help their company excel. My role in the project included completing a variety of tasks in a timely manner. These tasks included but were not limited to market research, client meetings and working on deliverables as a group.

The diverse range of activities I got to participate in helped to grow my knowledge and confidence in many areas. I have learned how to put together professional reports as well as meet with clients in a professional manor. The mentors we were provided with played a big role in my teams overall success as well. We were able to implement insightful advice from real professionals from various industries and get real time feedback on the work we were doing. Having these assets made the project run much more smoothly and be an even greater learning experience.

My team members were most likely the biggest role in my success throughout this project. Being a freshman, I did not have as much experience as many of the other group members. But through their peer mentoring and my willingness to learn, this project was a positive experience and I was able to complete every task given to me successfully. I worked with a dynamic, hardworking, and driven group of people all of whom I learned greatly from. We were able to complete research and come up with proposals to help fill our clients needs. We will have a final write up and client presentation that encapsulates all the work we have done over the quarter, and I am looking forward to delivering our final product this coming week.

This experience is a great learning opportunity for those who enjoy solving dynamic problems and working in a team environment. It’s an amazing hands-on experience for students willing to put work in and invest themselves into solving real world problems.


Guest post by Freshman Consultant, Samantha Smith

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