Thailand or Rotterdam?

Guest Post by: Ben Nussbaum, a Foster School student who participated in a Foster Exchange at The University of Economics, Prague in the Czech Republic

Deciding where to study abroad is no easy task. Maybe you have family history in Germany, but there are multiple schools there. Maybe you really want to be by the ocean, but also want to be in a small town. Maybe you have no idea what you want.

Have no fear, because there is no such thing as picking the perfect study abroad location. Why?

Because you can’t get it wrong.

Would you likely have an incredibly different set of experiences if studying in Thailand compared to Rotterdam? Probably. But while the environments are quite different, you’ll forge your own set of memorable experiences no matter where you go, making the difference of little importance.

If you aren’t yet convinced, don’t forget about airports. I study in Prague, but I’ve been out of the country nearly every weekend, making memories all over. When I got to Prague did I expect to spend a week in Morocco? Certainly not, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. My point is not only will you have a good time wherever you go, but you aren’t limited to that location. Hop on a train or book a flight.

There was one mistake I made for the first month and a half of the semester. I had been out of Prague so much that I felt I barely knew it for a period. I was studying in a city but spent more time coming and going from it than I did seeing it. I treated it as nothing special, because it was just where I lived, where I’d always be. Once I turned that expectation around and started exploring hidden corners of my own city, it showed me that even if you’re unable to travel much, there is always plenty to do.

So if you’re here to help you figure out where to go, don’t worry. You’ll have the time of your life no matter where you end up.