The “Makes-You-Proud” Kind of Busy

I told someone the other day that the MBA program at Foster really begins on the first day of Prime and LEAD. The two weeks of orientation and teambuilding are a whirlwind of nametags, handshakes, happy hours, and workshops, but they are an invaluable introduction to the Foster experience. While it may be difficult for anyone to fully prepare for an MBA program (I would love to know what that looks like!), the program orientation goes a long way towards jump starting a sense of community and purpose in our class.

Prime and LEAD seem to be designed to communicate a simple fact: we will be busy this year. But not to worry – I can vouch that this is a good busy, a worthwhile busy, the makes-you-proud kind of busy. I also glean from the program that we will be depending on others, perhaps more than we ever have. Those “others” are our classmates, our instructors, and the tireless Foster staff dedicated to our success. The MBA program directors really put on a great show; it is comforting to know we are in capable hands!

~ Guest Blogger Aaron Shepherd, Full-Time Class of 2013