The Quest for the Golden Briefcase

UW Pride

UW Pride

C4C Sports Weekend: An amazing two days where nine business schools come together to celebrate the thousands of volunteer hours and massive amount of funds raised for charity. Not to mention trying to destroy each other in sports and activities like dodge ball, Ultimate Frisbee, and trivia. UW took an extremely close 2nd place this year; only two points away from owning the Golden Briefcase over USC! But no school can beat Foster in spirit. Our purple headbands could be seen everywhere, our men proudly sporting their mighty mustaches the occasional purple cape), and the women donning stylish gold tights. One USC student Facebooked me with, “I love you guys!!!” while a Stanford student said, “I love the U-Dub spirit.” Our great sportsmanship and fun-loving group makes me very proud to be part of Foster.

We are the only school outside of California and it was amazing how we managed to almost double our participation this year.  While being in the California sun after several months of clouds and drizzle is fantastic, there are a lot of other reasons why Sports Weekend is an event that can’t be missed. Stanford’s huge campus is the only one that can accommodate the 1400 people that attend the weekend, providing us with the beautiful Stanford Golf Course, sand volleyball courts, and even a stage for the spelling bee. Pool parties and meeting people from other business schools are always fun as well. I even ran into a few of my friends from undergrad!

I would say one of my favorite moments is the Battle of the Bands. We have the best band, hands down, and the Saturday night party rocks mostly because of us (no bias here). All-you-can-drink kegs both nights aren’t so bad either, but between Mike Warady’s drum solo and all the hottest girls dancing on stage during “Teenage Dream” (Foster girls of course), I kind of forgot about taking advantage of the free beer. Or maybe it’s because of the pre-game at the hotel pool earlier that day… Who cares? Battle of the Bands

This year, all the schools combined raised over $535,000 and volunteered almost 20,000 hours. I can’t explain how much I’ve enjoyed being part of C4C and Sports Weekend, giving back to the community in a fun, competitive way. Sports Weekend was a great trip to supplement my last quarter of business school. And I’ll never forget how one of our mustached studs wearing the cape tried to fly out of a palm tree Saturday night. Only U-Dub…

  • Guest Blogger, Naureen Manekia, Full-Time Class of 2011