The world is your oyster with CISB

Nikita NosovNikita Nosov graduated from the Foster School of Business in 2014 with a BABA, option in entrepreneurship. He also earned a Certificate of International Studies in Business. As part of the CISB program, he studied abroad at the University Jean Moulin in Lyon, France. Nikita shared highlights from his experience in the CISB program.

How did your CISB experience help you in your career?
CISB has strengthened my confidence when interacting with people of new backgrounds. It has also opened my eyes to the infinite opportunities present in this world. Often times you leave school feeling limited in your options, but CISB helped remind me that the world is my oyster and I have so many options that I can pounce on.

What are a few highlights from your study abroad experience?
There are many:

  • Meeting the many French speaking peers with a mutual interest in getting to know one another.
  • Moving in with my French roommates, and getting a true Lyonnaise living experience.
  • Carpooling with French strangers to various cities around France.
  • The bread…the cheese….the wine…

What are your career plans?
I plan to spend time working in economic development in the Peace Corps, and eventually start a business involving underdeveloped markets.

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