Things I gained from TMMBA program

Kalpesh Shah, TMMBA alumnus

I met a very interesting person at one of the networking events. He was considering a few MBA programs including TMMBA. He had a lot of questions about the program. One of the questions was what are the top three things you have gained from the program. Here are the things I mentioned.

Broader perceptive: When you go to a Starbucks, why does one person take your order and another one make the drink? Would it not be more cost effective to have one person do both? Why did Google decide to give away most of it content for free? Will this business model work for all online businesses? I had a lot of these questions before going through the program, but no answers. Having worked in Information Technology Field, even if I did have an answer, they all came from a technical perceptive. Going through the program gave me a much broader perceptive on the problems that businesses face in today’s economic environment.

Access to great minds: The University of Washington has great professors with many years of experience in academia as well as in their respective industries. Being able to tap into this vast amount of knowledge and expertise is invaluable. However, when I talk about great minds, I don’t mean only the professors. It is a great experience to be in a classroom full of extremely bright and intelligent students. The students come from a verity of background and have different take on topics discussed in the class. This makes for lively discussions that I found very informative.

Network: There are three rules to real estate marketing: location, location, location. Similarly, there are three rules to getting a job in today’s job market: network, network, network.  The TMMBA program gave me access to an incredible network of decision makers within many industries/companies. In fact, I found my current job, the one that I love so much, through this very same network.