Thunder and Lightening…Don’t Forget Dolly

guadalajara313.jpgI am finally getting adjusted to living on my own. It took me about a week and a half to get situated, and I think I succeeded. The hard part was not that I had to cook on my own and buy my own groceries, rather it was thinking of things to do after work. Because I no longer have to wait for the bus every day, I have guadalajara203.jpg time to explore the city. My problem is the lack of friends to explore the city with. But, as I realize that I am only here for another two months, I will make the most of it. This weekend will be the first guadalajara276.jpg weekend in a while that I will be staying in Guadalajara, so I will take advantage of it and go to the markets downtown, the zoo, malls, etc.


One of my good friends flew to Mexico this weekend to see me, and we met up in Puerto Vallarta. I am starting to believe that Puerto Vallarta is magical. Both times that I have visited, I have encountered amazing adventures and met some incredible people. I do think it’s time to visit other places in Mexico.


Yesterday, I got permission to leave work early and go to my friend’s soccer game. Him and his friends play soccer every Wednesday, as he calls ‘professional’ (the field they play on has imitation turf and because of it the soccer ball bounces everywhere. Of course as a measure of precaution, the field is caged like an ice rink with a net that covers the top to prevent the soccer ball from flying into the streets). He invited the other guys from the American Chamber to play and they showed up. It was quite an eventful game, and our team played very well.

As for the weather, it was fairly warm this past week, with temperatures at about 26° C. Unfortunately, the undying gray clouds and thunderstorms will not leave us alone. Every couple days or so they return only to flood cities and destroy homes; perhaps Hurricane Dolly made the news this weekend.