The TMMBA Network – A Lifetime of Connections

Tina Bassir, TMMBA Associate Director

When you join the TMMBA Program, you become part of the accomplished TMMBA community: a powerful network of nearly 800 professionals, including entrepreneurs, CIOs, senior managers, and directors.

As an alum, the TMMBA program continues to provide opportunities to learn and to stay connected to this network of top technology leaders. By staying connected and involved, alums continue to gain the networking and educational benefits. A variety of events happen throughout the year ranging from continuing education and networking, to family fun and recreation.

“In today’s economy, a vibrant network is even more critical than normal.  Thanks to the TMMBA program and all the alumni events it supports, I’m able to easily stay in touch with my fellow classmates.” 
–Steve Montgomery,    TMMBA Class of 2008

Continuing Education:

TMMBA alumni are invited to audit classes with current students as a refresher to particular topics, and they have access to a variety of continuing education courses each year. (In fact, a course on Selling Professional Services is happening this week.) These courses provide a chance to connect with fellow alumni and Foster School faculty while returning to the classroom.

Additionally, the TMMBA Alumni Book Group has been meeting quarterly for over two years, spanning topics from strategy, leadership, ethics and finance. The book group is a great opportunity for alums to dig into a business topic then gather to discuss the book in an academic setting. Book groups are facilitated by Foster School faculty members.

“The TMMBA book groups help me maintain a connection with the program while keeping me up to date on current topics.  I’ve been able to apply the books we’ve discussed to my current work.”
— Tamaira Ross, TMMBA Class of 2008


While a great deal of networking happens at the education events, there are also events focused on reconnecting with classmates and meeting other members of the TMMBA alumni network. From speed networking night to happy hour, alums are able to meet fellow graduates from practically any local company or functional area. If someone isn’t currently working there, chances are good that someone has at some point in their past. 

Graduates from TMMBA also become part of the Foster School of Business alumni network of nearly 48,000 graduates. Each year, the Foster School welcomes all MBA graduates.  The Foster MBA Reunion held in Oct 2010 brought together all MBA programs at the Foster School from Classes of 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005. 

“To me, the value of the alumni network has been mainly of social value.  It feels good to be connected with good, smart people.”
 –Sumant Hattikudur, TMMBA Class of 2005

The TMMBA Alumni Network truly provides a lifetime of connections and a lifetime of learning!