TMMBA b i e s

Wei Huang  Class of 2012

As I was headed out to the MBA Forum at UW this spring, I checked my voice mail.  I heard our midwife telling us to take my wife to the hospital because she had a case of preeclampsia, which is a pregnancy disorder that affects the mother and unborn baby.  Our baby was full term at 38 weeks. On April 5, 2011at 10:59 PM PT, our first baby Hana was born. It was amazing to see the little one who was kicking my wife all those weeks.

Since the TMMBA program started, nine babies have been born to date (still working on getting the pictures of the others).   Many of the fathers are new and some of the fathers are already experienced.  The first 3 months were the hardest and I advise anyone entering the program to get a lending hand while adjusting to their new lives.   I was fortunate to have my father-in-law and mother-in-law help out.   I also had a great team (C5) to pick up the slack for me.  I’m not sure how my classmates who have multiple kids do it but they an amazing group of people.  Can you imagine going to school and work full-time with children?  I’m envious of how my classmates with multiple kids survive school and work.  But in case you have kids and you are interested in the TMMBA program, having a baby or having kids in the program can be done!

Here’s the unofficial TMMBAby stats.

1 baby – January

2 babies – March

3 babies – April

1 baby – May

2 babies – September

1 girl (Hana), and 5 boys.

My little Hana!

Proud father to Xiaoyuan

Proud father to Chongguan

Proud father to Adarsh

Proud father to Jason

Proud father to Amador