Curriculum in action: TMMBA tours Boeing factory

Going on the Boeing Tour was such a cool experience – as someone who works in the software and tech space, it was fascinating to be in a manufacturing setting. It really drove home the importance of the concepts we’ve been learning in our Supply Chain and Operations class . Learning about all the moving parts from around the world Boeing needs during the assembly process, and to get a plane out the door on time, emphasized how important supply chain and operations is in a real-world setting. Seeing the concepts we learn in class in action was a great complement to the TMMBA course material.

–Jennifer Chan, TMMBA Student and Marketing Specialist at Zillow

TMMBA Boeing Factory Tour

On October 20, TMMBA hosted the 5th annual VIP tour of the Boeing Everett plant, in conjunction with their Operations and Supply Chain Management course.

The Boeing plant tour is an invaluable learning experience for the Operations and Supply Chain course. Witnessing one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated manufacturing operations truly underscores the importance of various concepts introduced in class such as process capacity, quality control, inventory management, supply chain coordination, and project management.

–Issariya Sirichakwal, Senior Lecturer of Operations Management 

The Boeing tour offers a unique perspective that puts students right on the factory work floor in the largest building in the world by volume. TMMBA staff worked together with students who are Boeing employees to provide an insider look into the world of Boeing. While exploring the Boeing factory, current students elaborated on their portion of Boeing’s operations, including manufacturing, and stress testing, adding depth to the tour for their colleagues and classmates. Faculty also make this experience memorable. Students were joined by their course instructor, Issariya Sirichakwal. The Boeing tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity for TMMBA students! Special thanks to all the Class 16 Boeing employees who made the tour extra special.

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