TMMBA heads to the Business Plan Competition

Sara Jones, Program Manager

Yesterday Tina and I attended the Business Plan Competition Investment Round. This was my second year at the event and there were 10 TMMBA students participating. I enjoy going because it’s a great opportunity to see our students in action and I’m always amazed at the business ideas that are out there.

The Investment Round was setup like a trade show. Judges were given “CIE dollars” to invest and the teams spent 4 hours pitching their idea to the judges to try and get them to invest in their business. The room was buzzing with energy and sometimes it was hard to hear through all of the action. I look forward to attending the next round, Sweet Sixteen, and learning more about the business plans that made it.

Alexei Zyuzin, SmartFin Technologies

Frode Kristensen & Umesh Mokate, Safetracker

To sum it up, the Business Plan Competition is a great opportunity for TMMBA students to network with other entrepreneurial spirits, flush out their business idea, and have a chance at winning seed money.