The TMMBA ROI: The knowledge

When considering an MBA program, it is important to consider your return on investment (ROI) since you will be investing a significant amount of time and money. Read Part 3 of our TMMBA ROI Blog Series; in this post, our alumni panelists explain how they have been able to leverage the knowledge gained through the TMMBA Program.

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Bhaskar DuttBhaskar: Some of the classes I’ve been able to use most in my career have to do with leadership and driving organizational change. That’s one of the big parts of my job right now. Going back to those notes and thinking about how these things have been done in other companies in the past has really helped me.


Todd CotaTodd: For me, it was aligning technology with the business side of the house and allowing me to talk more intelligently with C-level executives. And you get a lot of practice in the class of how to present, how to speak and get a lot of feedback on how you actually are able to speak in those types of meetings.


Mike McCarterMike: When I was in the program, I made this challenge to myself that I would try to apply something, every week, that I learned that week or previously in the program.

From an ROI perspective, I do think the program has already paid for itself, in my case. I did a little analysis of my bonus and compensation history, before/during/after the program and the incremental increases to my stock and bonus awards from being in the program were much larger.

And the feedback that I was getting from my management was, “Hey you’re bringing a lot of energy, you’re bringing a lot of new ideas, you’re bringing a lot of business acumen and rigor to our organization, keep it up.” I would have thought that my performance at work would have dropped during the program, but it actually increased even though I worked less hours at work and more hours in the program. I’m not saying everyone’s going to be in that situation because I think most of the people are probably retooling so that you can be in a job where you need an MBA. In my case, I was already in a job where I needed an MBA, I just didn’t have one.

Want to learn more about the ROI? You’re invited to attend our next TMMBA ROI Roundtable event on Tuesday, July 19. Click here for event details and to register. Also, stay tuned for Part 4 of our blog series where our alumni will discuss the TMMBA ROI and its impact on their career choices and confidence in the workplace.

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