TMMBA Week in the Life: Radu Mocanita, Day 5

Radu Mocanita, TMMBA Student, Class of 2015

Thank god is Friday! And thank god tomorrow is a no-school Saturday. However that doesn’t mean complete chill-out as I still have stuff to do. The Stats exam is already published, but I haven’t download it yet as we have a time limit of 7 hours until we’ll have to upload our answers. Hence I am saving a full 7 hours window starting tomorrow morning, bright and early.

Meanwhile, I am frying my brains trying to solve a sample exam we got. Trust me, it ain’t pretty, but somehow I’ll make it through. Practice makes perfect, I know, but I ‘m not even close. 🙂

Today was really sunny – something that we haven’t seen in the past couple of weeks here in Seattle. So I rushed home after work to get a few hours out in the yard. We recently bought a house – first time buyers, hence we’re really excited about the new outdoor opportunities. I spent an hour or so doing yard work and planting a fruit tree and now I am back indoor spending some time on stats. Later tonight, I planned an evening out with my wife as tomorrow is woman’s day (March 8th). Shh, don’t tell her, it needs to be a surprise. She still thinks I need the entire evening to study.

Regarding the rest of the exams, I am pretty confident with Micro but I am still catching up on Accounting. It’s going to be a long weekend, but at least it’s the last “hop” for this quarter. Okay, I am going back to study now, as the clock is ticking and time is flying. See you tomorrow.