TMMBA Welcomes Class 17

TMMBA Executive Director, Tracy Gojdics, welcomes Class 17

TMMBA Executive Director, Tracy Gojdics, welcomes Class 17

On Tuesday, November 1, the TMMBA staff and Foster faculty warmly welcomed the new students of the Class 17 cohort. The Welcome Reception – the official kick-off of the TMMBA experience – was held on the UW Seattle campus at the Burke Museum. Students gathered together for the first time as a large group, enjoying delicious appetizers and conversation with fellow classmates, future professors, and staff members. The much anticipated reveal of study groups was a highlight of the evening, as students met the 4-5 individuals they’d been paired with for the first half of their TMMBA journey. Study groups are a foundational component of the TMMBA curriculum; students partner in these small teams to complete group assignments, collaborate on deliverables and presentations, and prep for case discussions and exams.

The TMMBA Class of 2018 was formally greeted with congratulations and excitement from Tracy Gojdics, TMMBA’s Executive Director and Class 6 alumna. Next, Professor of Management, Bruce Avolio, who teaches TMMBA courses in Leadership Development, welcomed the group on behalf of the Foster School faculty. Scotty Yeung, Class 16 current student, then took to the podium to share perhaps the most valuable advice and encouragement of the evening – that from the perspective of a peer who has completed nearly two thirds of the 18 month TMMBA adventure!

Scotty’s key suggestions for success with TMMBA:

  1. TMMBA Faculty are all well accomplished within their respective fields in addition to being passionate instructors who have student success in the forefront of their minds – do not hesitate to take advantage of their industry expertise and willingness to help you learn!Welcome Reception 13
  2. The TMMBA staff are similarly eager to help facilitate a positive student experience – share your feedback and take the time to get to know these individuals who devote great effort and energy toward TMMBA operating as seamlessly as possible.
  3. Start the TMMBA Program with an open mind and willingness to learn from a unique perspective. As a cohort made up of individuals, each of whom brings a different background, culture, and set of educational and professional experiences to the group, the shared component is the success you’ve all achieved thus far! The greatest challenge at hand is to embrace the vulnerability of the academic environment – step outside your comfort zone to receive, accept, and integrate fresh ideas and different courses of action toward new challenges, without fear of making mistakes. This type of true collaboration is a powerful thing!
  4. The TMMBA Program will require you to lean heavily on your support system in times of stress, but you also must help support those people too! Whether it be your spouse or significant other, family, parents, friends, and colleagues, be sure to recognize the extra burden these important people have taken on to best support you on the TMMBA journey. Much of your time and energy will be pulled towards the demands of the Program, but don’t forget to show appreciation and empathy toward your loved ones. Open communication with your partners will help you get through it together!
  5. To make the most of these fast paced 18 months, get involved beyond the classroom! There are countless opportunities available within the TMMBA Program, the Foster School, and the greater University of Washington to supplement the core curriculum. While you’ll gain a great deal simply by attending class sessions and doing the bare minimum to pass your courses, you will add value and make your experience much more holistic by participating in the additional activities, such as the International Study Tour and Career Management sponsored events that will broaden your perspectives and expand your professional network.

The TMMBA Class 17 cohort is comprised of a group of diverse, accomplished professionals from across the Puget Sound region:

  • Number of Students: 77
  • Gender Representation: 32% Female, 68% Male
  • Average Ave: 35 Years
  • Number of Countries Represented: 9
    • Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, & United States of America
  • Number of US Military Veterans: 7
    • Branches Represented: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, & Navy
  • Average Years of Professional Work Experience: 11+ Years
  • Number of Companies Represented: 43
    • Leading Representation: Microsoft Corporation, The Boeing Company,, & T-Mobile, Inc.
  • Average GMAT Score: 566

We are excited to watch this new cohort embark on their TMMBA journey!

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