How to avoid buying new pants…

Wei Huang, TMMBA (Class of 2012)

Before I start, I like to give a shout out to the TMMBA staff.

They brought an awesome TMMBA alumni as a guest speaker,  arranged a wonderful etiquette dinner, and created a nice warm and cozy environment when we were UW Seattle campus.

Kudos to the TMMBA staff for all their hard work during the orientation!

Class 11 has officially started!  The classes for the orientation included: Professional Communications, Ethical Leadership, Building Effective Teams, and an etiquette diner.

  • Professional Communications – Work on presentation skills and feedback along with individual professional help for the elevator speech!  How cool is that?
  • Ethical Leadership – Learned about applying ethic theory to assist in decision-making and to persuade…and more!
  • Building Effective Teams – Learned a lot about working in teams, and problems in decision-making …and more!
  • Etiquette dinner – Learn how to network during dinner and all the etiquette stuff involved with silverware placement…and more!

Overall Professor Reynolds for the Ethics class and Professor Bigley for the Building Effective Teams class were awesome!  I learned a bunch with both instructors!

Now back to avoiding buying new pants.

Most students are full-time employees and now full-time MBA students.

My prediction is being FT employees + FT students = Bigger waist.  Working out is hard with a FT job and now add in being a student!

Let me introduce to you the Tabata workout.  Believe it or not, this workout is only 4-5 minutes.  The Tabata workout is performing an exercise for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds for a good 8 sets.  The 20 seconds should be full 100% effort.  Its actually a version of High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.   It’s known for burning fat!

I did push-ups the other day using the Tabata method and after the third set, the lactic acid starts to build.   I was able to complete the 8 sets but it was challenging.  Another workout is doing body weight squats using the Tabata method.  I did the workout last Friday and today is Sunday and my thighs are still sore.  Keep in mind these were body weight squats.  Of course add in a good warm up and stretch as always!

To get started, I recommend doing 8 sets for 20 seconds with 30 seconds rest.  See how that goes and when you feel stronger, try cutting the rest time to 20 seconds, and after that gets easier, cut it down to 10 seconds rest.  Try it with push-ups, or body weight squats or both and remember to go 100% effort.  Yes, as you do more sets, the maximum effort will feel harder so don’t get discouraged.  The last set is hard, its just how the body works.  If you’re up for the challenge, you can do sprints using the Tabata method.

Remember Tabata workout is only 4-5 minutes.  Once you get stronger, try adding more and different exercises to your routine.

Here’s a Tabata timer:

Here’s info on Tabata if you want to read more about it:

Good luck!!!

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