Top 5 reasons why you should apply to Foster’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program

Begin year zero of your startup with a MS in Entrepreneurship
Prepare to launch! Foster’s new Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MS in Entrepreneurship) program has officially started and applications for the second cohort are now open. MS in Entrepreneurship is Year Zero for students looking of building their high-impact startups. Sound intriguing? Check out our top five reasons why Foster’s MS in Entrepreneurship program might be right for you:

1) You have an idea that you’re passionate about

Whether you’re a college senior or a professional with 10 years’ experience, you’re ready to validate and develop those ideas. “Entrepreneurs often think they will pick up the skills they need as they start their company,” says Connie Bourassa-Shaw, executive director of the program, “and that certainly is one way you can become an entrepreneur. But I can tell you it will take you longer and it will cost you more money. What we can give you through this degree are the hard skills that every entrepreneur needs and the access to people who can help you develop the smarts that will make you successful.”

2) You’re not afraid of hard workEnvironmental Innovation Challenge demonstration

When it comes to our expectations of our students, MS in Entrepreneurship Faculty Director Ben Hallen has this to say, “It’s going to be a lot of work. You are going to be completing a rigorous, very rigorous, academic degree, and we still expect you to be working full-time on growing that business. But that is also the power of our program. The synergies between the class work and simultaneously building your own venture is going to help you build an even better great business, while developing your entrepreneurial capability for future startups.”

3) You want to be part of Seattle’s thriving entrepreneurship community

From the start, you’ll be immersed in the community with the ability to leverage mentors, competitions, and resources. Your mentors will consist of a core group of Seattle founders and CEOs who have both foundational expertise and startup experience. And think of their connections!

Health Innovation Challenge demonstration

4) You’re looking for high value from your time and tuition dollars

If return on investment is important to you, the MS in Entrepreneurship program is the right fit. We understand the value of your time and your dollar. MS in Entrepreneurship is a 12-month commitment priced under $25,000 for in-state students. Think of it as an angel investment in yourself, one that produces results without adding obstacles to your success. After all, we want students who know how one year of deep commitment can produce a lifetime of results.

5) You’re ready to start now

You’ve been looking for a program just like this. So if you’re ready for the next step, head over to the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program website and apply. Domestic applications can be submitted August 15, October 15, or February 15. International applications are due December 15.

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