Traveling around Taiwan

country.jpgAt National Chengchi University, classes are held only once a week. This makes it possible to cram all your classes into just a few days, and leave lots of time to travel around the island. Last weekend I left Taipei and went to Kenting, the southern tip of Taiwan.

Getting down there is extremely easy. There is an impressive high-speed train that reaches speeds of 178km/hr and takes about 2 hours. I slept the entire way, so I wasn’t able to see the views on the way down. I heard they were amazing though.

Once in Kenting, it is obvious that there is a different pace to life than the city of Taipei. In Taipei, people are fashionable and walk with a purpose. It’s like an Asian version of New York, but on a much smaller scale. However in Kenting, people really take their time there with everything. It was a nice break from the city life.

scooter.jpgI rented a scooter almost immediately after arriving. It’s true you should need an international license to drive one in Taiwan, but it seems that anything and everything goes in Kenting. I gave the scooter rental shop my student id from NCCU, and I was on my way.

The town is made up of one main street and many beautiful beaches. At the beach with the best waves, surfing lessons were being offered. I signed up, and found out it is much harder than I had imagined. seafood.jpgAfter a few hours of trying to stand up I enjoyed my time stretched out on the beach.

For the most part, I spent my time in Kenting riding around the area on my scooter and eating lots of seafood. It was a vacation that was hard to leave. If a future career in finance doesn’t pan out, you might find me as a beach bum in southern Taiwan.