Traveling Outside of England

By Sidney Burton, Foster Undergraduate who is participating in an exchange with the University of Manchester Business School in Manchester, UK

Studying at the University of Manchester allows for a lot of travelling time. I, as well as most of the other exchange students, was able to organize our schedules to only have classes Monday-Wednesday and every other Thursday. In addition, we got a three-week long “Easter break” and I had three weeks between the end of lectures and my first exam. I managed to travel almost every weekend without missing class. The cities I visited were Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, Ibiza, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw, and Vilnius.

While Manchester can be pricey to fly out of, if you plan in advance and search for the cheapest flights that weekend it ends up being very affordable. It also helped being able to fly out on a Wednesday or Thursday and fly back early Monday morning! More than once we ended up picking where to go for a weekend purely based off of which city was the cheapest to fly to. My advise to anyone studying abroad is to save a lot beforehand (I had savings from five summers of working) so that you can say yes to every opportunity. I feel truly lucky for all of the experiences I had while abroad and wouldn’t trade them for anything. It is unlikely you will have an opportunity like this again, so enjoy now and worry about the money later.

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