Travelling Around Europe

Guest post by Andrew Bagherpour, a Foster student studying Accounting, who participated in the Foster exchange at the University of Manchester in England.

When I touched down in Europe for my first time I was bold. I landed in London two weeks before the University of Manchester even began and set out to explore some other experiences. I spent a few days in London and was blown away by the hectic atmosphere. I recommend flying into Manchester if possible and visiting London later on so the adjustment process is easier. I flew to Rome and visited some friends in the UW Tax accounting exploration seminar. Rome was magnificent and my favorite city that I visited in Europe. The food, people, culture and history is second to none.

I then flew to Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic. Great cities with wonderful night life but the combination of all these cities in such a short span was difficult. My recommendation is to take in as many cities as possible but also to space them out throughout your trip so you are able to maximize the experiences. Planning trips during reading week or on an extended weekend give an added layer of unpredictability that can keep your enrichment process going. My trips to Ireland and Switzerland were amazing expeditions that I took up during the semester and was very glad I did it. Switzerland is a very expensive country so make sure to be smart with money if you travel there. Ireland is a gorgeous country with amazing people and would highly recommend a pint of Guinness or even a beef Guinness stew.

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