Undergraduate Student Ambassador: Daizha Brown

Name: Daizha Brown

Major: Information Systems, Marketing

Hometown: Tacoma

Activities: Association of Black Business Students, National Association of Black Business Students

Why Foster?: During my college search in high school, I knew right away that my goal was be admitted into the Foster School of Business. Foster has an incredible alumni network and connections with employees from all over the state and nation. Having the opportunity to study at Foster would be very impactful and beneficial to my academic experience and future career.

Over Summer Break I…was a Social Media Intern for the HR Talent Acquisition Department at T-Mobile. During my interview I was able to work on content generation and social media campaigns reaching current employees and potential candidates. I also developed reports on analytics to determine the impacts of various strategies. Later in the summer, I will be preparing to go on an exchange through Foster to study at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy

After graduation,  I plan to…become an entrepreneur in the hair and beauty industry. I have always been passionate about hair care and hope to open up my own beauty supply boutique. I also want to further my education and obtain a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

Advice to future studentsMy advice to future students would be to try new things and take risks. I have always gone by the motto “You’ll never know the outcome until you try”, especially when deciding when to go for a new opportunity. A lot of times the thoughts that run through your head may be “what if I don’t get the position” “what if I don’t do well in the interview”, but you will literally never know if the answer is yes unless you go for it. And if it doesn’t work out then at least you tried and you won’t have to wonder “what if”. Great things can happen by taking that first leap of faith.

Favorite place to studyI love studying in my room at home. Peace and quiet and the opportunity to hop straight in bed when I’m done.

Favorite place to eat on the AveI LOVE Aladdin’s Gyrocery. Look no further for the best gyros on the Ave because it’s definitely Aladdin’s.