Undergraduate Student Ambassador: Jerrin Padre

Name: Jerrin Padre

Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences

Hometown: San Diego

Activities: TEDxUofW Production Manager, Lavin Entrepreneurship Program, City Kids Leader, NHSSLA

Why Foster?: Foster takes care of you. They give you the tools and the connections to succeed, and if you’re really serious about business, you’ll thrive in this environment.

Over Summer Break I…was a Procurement Agent Intern on the Boeing 787 Italian Supplier Management team.

After graduation,  I plan to…Change lives, make art, and serve people.

Advice to future studentsDon’t do something because it’s easy; do something because you love it. Find the thing that really lights your heart on fire and run with it. Also, a job won’t always fulfill you, but having good people in your life will. Always choose people over the job if it comes down to it. The opportunity cost is exponentially smaller.

Favorite place to study: Kitchen table

Favorite place to eat on the Ave: Pho Tran