Update from Rotterdam

Just finished my last lecture at RSM which is nice because it’s probably only midterm week back home.  The classes here are pretty similar to those at Foster, since the lectures and readings are in English it doesn’t feel too different, but other things are.  The school has sponsored two huge parties for the business students where they’ve rented out a club and hired a bunch of DJ’s.  The European students go crazy over the popular DJ’s, they seem to be more popular than actors, sport stars, everybody.  There’s also a bar on the first level of the business school building in case you have a bad exam.  I’d be interested to talk to students from RSM who are on exchange at Foster to see what they thought was really different there compared to back home in Holland.

With classes almost being over I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling starting next week.  I’m leaving for Scotland on the 10th (I’ll have to try the Haggis after reading some of the other blogs) and London, Paris, Dublin, Berlin during the following weeks.  We’re trying to plan a trip to Italy as well, but time is going by pretty fast so I don’t know if we’ll be able to.  Being in Rotterdam is also nice because it’s only about an hour by train to Amsterdam (which is my favorite city I’ve been to so far).  Everyone studying abroad in Europe should visit if they haven’t already.

Between me and the 3 other US students (from Ohio State-they keep making fun of our football team) we are really enjoying Rotterdam and Erasmus Univ.   I feel it’s been a great experience so far, and I’ve made friends with a lot of people from all over the world and if nothing else I’ll have a place to stay in a lot of great cities when I come back!!!

Talk to everyone later!