UW at the National Team Selling Competition

UW NTSC team

2016 NTSC team from left to right, Ty Beauchamp, Taya Ampleyeva, Makenzie Kruger and Erik Meister

On October 28th four University of Washington undergraduate sales students and Foster Professional Sales Program’s Assistant Advisor Rick Carter set out to Bloomington, IN to compete in the National Team Selling Competition at the Kelley School of Business. The students representing the University of Washington were Ty Beauchamp, Erik Meister, Taya Ampleyeva, and Makenzie Kruger. The team received a seventy page long case study two weeks prior to the competition and spent upwards of one hundred hours in preparation for the competition.

The competition was from the 28th-30th of October and consisted of two phases. During the first phase the team had the opportunity to meet with their potential client for a needs analysis. The team then had the evening to tailor their presentation for the sales meeting (phase two) on the 30th. The University of Washington team performed very well and was highly regarded by judges from 3M and Altria. The success of this team is in large shared by the corporate sponsorship and guidance of past competitors, as well as UW faculty.

The final rankings of the twenty-one competing teams have yet to be announced. When asked about placement in the competition the team agrees the placement is the least of the results from the competition. All four students commented on the wealth of real world business knowledge that they acquired from the experience. As Marketing team member Makenzie Kruger said, “This is one of those times where sales education truly meets real world experience and this competition taught me more than I have learned in a quarter long course on sales.” For students interested in competing in next year’s National Team Selling Competition please reach out to Assistant Director Rick Carter at [email protected].

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