Value gained from GEMBA program


The decision to leave your job for one year to earn an MBA can be difficult to make. In this video, three GEMBA students explain why this investment of time and money, as well as the move to Seattle to study at the University of Washington, was worthwhile for them.

We spoke to Suyeon Kim (Korea), Zhanpeng Sun (China), and Takashi Goto (Japan) about how they felt the GEMBA program added value to their careers and companies. Suyeon said that GEMBA gave him important insights into the effects of international business, through class projects, seminars and discussions. His interactions with important business leaders in Seattle, he feels, will enable him to make meaningful contributions to his company and community.

Zhanpeng told us about the significant professional development opportunities the GEMBA program has given him. He came from a sales and marketing background, and through GEMBA gained additional skills in operations management, financial management and leadership. These skills, Leo feels, will greatly enhance his future career possibilities.

Understanding the global market is key to any company’s success. In the video, Takashi explains how GEMBA helped him to meet his company’s expectations for their employees to utilize their research activities to raise the company’s share of the global market. Takashi says that bridging the research/sales gap has been a challenge for his company, but he feels GEMBA has given him the skills to solve this problem.


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