Vani Sattiraju & Leadership in Tech

Vani Sattiraju MSBA

Vani Sattiraju, MSBA 2023

“Women have been historically great at making communities so in order to help each other, let’s all help each other.” – Vani Sattiraju, MSBA ‘23 

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Foster MSBA. Join us in celebrating the impactful women currently enrolled in our program.  

On this special day, we’re kicking off a three-part series, where we share different aspects of being a woman in the field of analysis. First up, Vani Sattiraju!  

Vani’s Take on Leadership and Mentorship in Tech 

Vani came to Foster with over six years of professional experience in the human resources department and as a Software Programmer in India. Her interest in HR analytics brought her to Foster MSBA.  

“I’m very thankful to the women before me who paved the way for women in my generation and next,” Vani said.  

Mentorship and leadership for Vani is more than just giving answers and solving problems for others. She looks at it as an opportunity to help others evaluate the issues at hand and brainstorm solutions collaboratively.  

“I want to be a leader that is supportive of all individuals and that’s free of the stereotypical mindset of how a team should be managed,” Vani said. “I want to ensure every person in my team feels included and valued.” 

Vani’s inspiration is her mentor from her first job, who prepared her with the skills of navigating the corporate world. “She taught me how to politely but firmly speak up about my capabilities,” Vani shared about her mentor from the time she was a Software Programmer. 

“Don’t shy away from asking silly questions,” Vani advises. “Good mentors look at these as opportunities for fresh perspectives.”

Leaders like Vani bring special insights to the table. As a Foster MSBA student ambassador, Vani has mentored students from around the world about life in the cohort.  

Want to hear more about students like Vani? Stay tuned for self-advocacy tips by current student Lyndsey Shimazu.

Written by Niv Joshi
Writer & Content Strategist
[email protected]