Why This Veteran Chose Foster’s MSBA Degree to Pivot His Career

Caleb Aguiar is a member of the Foster MSBA Class of 2021 and is a student ambassador. He is optimistic about the role that data and technology will play in society’s future and hopes to play a role in that.

Why This Veteran Chose Foster’s MSBA Degree to Pivot His Career

Caleb Aguiar is member of the Foster MSBA Class of 2021 and is a student ambassador. He is optimistic about the role that data and technology will play in society’s future and hopes to play a role in that. Get to know more about him! 

About Caleb   

I grew up in Southern Oregon and did my undergraduate studies in Business Information Systems at Oregon State University. After graduating from OSU, I joined the military and served for six years. I wanted to transition back into the tech and data world, so I decided to do the MSBA degree track at the University of Washington.

Like any native to the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy hiking in my free time. More recently, my wife and I have adopted a “COVID puppy” (a poodle named Evvie) to help us pass the time.

Why Foster MSBA 

What attracted you specifically to the Foster MSBA program? 

I found the cohort aspect of Foster’s MSBA program very refreshing and rare. As a veteran, I am really hoping to focus on setting down new roots and building a network. Being in multiple classes with the same people really goes a long way towards doing that.

Furthermore, the Foster MSBA program has the right blend of hard skills and conceptual knowledge I was looking for.  

Lastly, growing up in the Pacific Northwest I was always aware of Foster’s prestigious reputation and ties to Seattle’s tech culture, and as a student here now, I can affirm that it truly precedes itself.

What connections have you made or are hoping to make through the MSBA program? 

I was actually surprised by how quickly we have been able to form connections with each other as students, and with faculty. I don’t want to give too much away but, a group of fellow students and I have already begun working on an outside project together. We have additional help and mentorship from one of our professors which has been awesome!

Also, as an ambassador, I am really looking forward to connecting with prospective students. When I was planning to apply for graduate school attending different information sessions and reaching out to current and former students is what helped me most in making my decision on which school to go to.

Caleb Aguiar with this wife and dog.

What has been your favorite class so far? 

One class that I have particularly enjoyed and am excited to continue with is the Leader Speaker Series. In the last session, Dr. Kirk Borne, who was one of the data scientists for NASA for 20 years, came and did a talk for us. It was just a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to talk with him and ask him questions about the future of data.

Ambassador Status  

What advice do you have for prospective students on reaching out to you and the other MSBA Student Ambassadors?

I would tell them to just add us on LinkedIn and ask whatever questions they have. It wasn’t too long ago that we were in their shoes trying to figure out which graduate program would be the right one for us.

Why did you want to be an ambassador for the MSBA program? 

I know how daunting it can seem to take the plunge to go graduate school, especially coming from the angle of someone who is transitioning careers, so I just want to help prospective students in any way I can.  

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Written by Maryam Noor
MSBA Writer and Content Strategist
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