Vishwajeet Uddanwadiker: Recognizing Six Years of Impact

The Master of Science in Information Systems Advisory Board is comprised of experts in the technology field who shape the future and impact of the program through their leadership, insights, and support of innovative initiatives. These leaders represent a variety of industries and functions in technology, but they share a common thread – vast experience, a collaborative mindset, and a dedication to shaping the future of information systems leadership and student success.

One such board member, Vishwajeet (Vishwa) Uddanwadiker, exemplified these characteristics in his six-year tenure on the MSIS Advisory Board. As he steps away from the Board to pursue his new role as the Vice President – Engineering People Strategy at Boeing, the MSIS program reflects on the tremendous impact he has made over the years.

Shaping the Future of MSIS

Vishwa has held a variety of technology leadership roles in his eleven years at Boeing, and brought his wealth of knowledge to the MSIS Advisory Board in 2014. Upon joining the Board, Vishwa pushed himself to find connection with the other members, and the camaraderie and mutual respect allowed him to shape the future of his role in MSIS, as well as his future in Boeing.

“I felt shy at first interacting with other board members. I had to learn to talk to my peers. And during this time, my career has changed with increasingly bigger roles. My peers on the Advisory Board have become friends and were helpful along the way. We talk outside of our board activities.”

Throughout Vishwa’s time on the MSIS Advisory Board, he has seen growth not only in his own career trajectory but simultaneously in the MSIS program and its community – growth that he has directly contributed to and feels proud of.

It’s fulfilling to see the program compete so well. One of the goals of the Advisory Board was to make the curriculum more contemporary. The educational tools are better than ever. It’s gratifying to see that the program has doubled in size.”

-Vishwajeet Uddanwadiker, Vice President – Engineering People Strategy, Boeing

Cultivating Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

However, Vishwa’s valuable leadership extended far beyond the curriculum – all the way to Australia, in fact – as he secured an in-depth visit with top executives at Boeing Aerostructures Australia during the most recent MSIS Study Tour.

The trip was a highlight for students, providing the opportunity to not only tour the location and learn more about the major technological advances at work in the company, but to meet with the IT Director and Senior Manager for an intimate round-table discussion. The experience would not have been possible without Vishwa’s dedication to supporting the MSIS program’s growth and experiential learning.

His reach does not go unnoticed in Seattle, either. Though his role’s at Boeing would be enough to keep anyone busy, he never hesitated to directly support students, whether through connecting his colleagues to the Professional Mentorship Program or by attending one of his favorite events: the annual Professional Mock Interviews.

MSIS’ Professional Mock Interviews welcome local IT leaders to provide guidance to students on the interview process, share real-time feedback, and prepare students to take on the next step in their careers. As a thoughtful and analytical leader, Vishwa helped students answer some of the toughest job interview questions, consider the careers and roles they are seeking, and position themselves for success. He loves to hear from students when they have been promoted and learn how his tips and encouragement have been useful.

This unique connection has not been lost on the students who have had the opportunity to work directly with Vishwa.

I feel lucky that the MSIS program gave me the opportunity to connect with a fantastic person like Vishwa. I first met him at the MSIS mock interviews. Vishwa gave me feedback and advice that not only set me up for success in my interviews as a student but will also continue to hold value throughout my career.

He’s stayed connected with my career progress since and continues to share advice and words of encouragement every time we get a chance to interact, especially at MSIS events. While I am sad to learn that he won’t be on the board of the MSIS program, I am sure the time he spent with the program will continue to have an everlasting impact. I wish him the very best in his new role!” 

– Pranav Farswani, Program Manager 2, Microsoft | MSIS Class of 2018 

A Precedent of Excellence

Throughout his years of involvement, Vishwa has set a precedent of excellence for current and future Advisory Board members. While his leadership on the Board will be missed, the work he has set into motion will continue and the MSIS program is grateful that he plans to remain involved in the larger community even as his career grows to new heights.

Amber Turner
Master of Science in Information Systems, Director

“It has been an immense pleasure to work with Vishwa over the last several years. As an influential thought leader, Vishwa has been a driving force in creating impactful changes to the MSIS curriculum and student experience. MSIS is the high quality, innovative graduate program it is today because of Vishwa’s leadership and guidance. We look forward to staying connected to him and continuing our strong partnership with Boeing. We wish Vishwa the greatest success in the future.”


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