Wait, Didn’t I Just Get Here?

By Soleil Roth, Foster Undergraduate who is participating in an exchange with Bocconi University

Wait, didn’t I just get here? It feels like just yesterday I was trying to calm the nerves of my soon-to-be four-month journey and now with less than five weeks left,Italy Soleil Roth 1 I am anticipating a very bittersweet goodbye. Nonetheless, there is still much time to enjoy, travel, and make as many memories as possible.

For a general summary on my Milanese life, so far I’d say tutto posto. I live no more than a 5-minute walk away from school, I live with a great Italian roommate, class rarely starts before 2:30 p.m., and I’ve already made long-lasting friends from all around the world. As I continue to settle in, I must admit there are things I could do without, such as stores closing during lunch hours or floors starting with one rather than zero, and more things I could do with, such as having unlimited phone data or a microwave. And yet, those minor inconveniences are completely overshadowed by feelings of complete excitement for the new adventures I’ve encountered, pure joy for the genuine relationships I’ve created and sweet moments we’ve shared together, and gratitude towards my school and family for supporting me in this experience.

As home to major financial corporations, fashion designers and industrial powerhouses, Milan is a metropolis for business, history, art and design alike. The culture is eclectic and inclusive, such that a variety of different countries from all over the world are incorporated into the culture here. In comparison to other Italian cities like Rome or Venice, many say Milan is a small city. I never understood how a city of more than 1.3 million people could be considered small, and yet it has turned into a home away from home. While cars rush by and days go quickly, the environment and pace of life itself is somehow slow, such that I can appreciate little by little, every moment as delicately, intimately, and thoroughly cherished in the present.

Italy Soleil Roth 3

As for my travels, I’d have to say the travel bug has bit me hard. Budapest, Marrakech, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, and more to follow, I have truly utilized every opportunity to explore other countries and cultures while making sure to spend enough time in my own city. To know more about my travels, such as the best places to see, where to eat, and the amazing experiences I have had, you can read about them at my own personal travel blog, www.somewheresoleil.com.

A presto, Soleil Roth

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