Warm Weather Comes to Seattle

We made it to the top!

Last weekend, Settle saw a preview of what will hopefully be a beautiful summer. At one point on Saturday, I looked up and there was literally not a cloud in the sky anywhere. Unfortunately, most of the weekend was taken up by the last of finals. So, on Monday, another gorgeous day, several of the MBA ladies decided to do a girls’ hike to mark the end of the school year. We did the low intensity Rattlesnake Ridge. I classify it as “low intensity” because we saw not just one or two, but numerous small dogs making the trek; dachshunds, Scottish terriers, and pugs. It was my first ever Seattle-area hike so I was ok with just a 2 hour round trip. The view from the top was incredible and we enjoyed a variety of snacks and entertainment from a friendly chipmunk. When we completed the round trip and were standing in the parking lot deciding where to celebrate our accomplishment with beer and food, four of our male classmates emerged from the trailhead! Seattle really is a small world!