What is an Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA is a special accredited MBA program designed for working managers and professionals, typically with more than 10 years of work experience. The class schedule is formatted to allow students to continue working while they pursue their studies and the curriculum allows them to apply what they are learning while they complete the program. Students also bring their current and prior experience into the classroom to enrich the learning experience of their fellow students.

Immediately relevant curriculum

Convenient schedule options and logistical support

Highest caliber cohort of fellow students

What makes an EMBA different?

If you’re a mid-career professional, what type of MBA program is right for you? Many Executive MBA students find that learning with others who bring a similar depth of background and experience to the classroom is the key. As demanding as their weekly schedules can be, Executive MBA students are well-positioned to apply what they’re learning and bring the results back to their classmates for discussion. In this video, Executive MBA students Martin Fichter, Britt East and Lala Somma describe what makes an Executive MBA different from other MBA programs.

How to fit an EMBA into your busy life

Without exception, Executive MBA students already lead very busy and demanding lives when they come into the program. Earning a graduate degree offers intellectual challenge and career advancement, but students have to adjust their personal and professional relationships in order to make room for the commitment required by their studies. For all, time becomes a more precious commodity, and an increased ability to manage it effectively becomes both a necessity and a benefit of the Executive MBA experience. Students Lala Somma, Britt East and Martin Fichter describe how they balanced the requirements of pursuing an EMBA with their personal and professional lives.

How an EMBA can enhance your career

Earning an Executive MBA can have an impact in many different ways. For EMBA student Lala Somma, learning the language of business enabled her to present her ideas more effectively to senior management and prepare to run her own business. Martin Fichter found value in learning to put his work in a broader perspective and focus on taking actions that truly made a difference. Britt East discovered he was able to take on more challenging, high-profile assignments and gained a promotion while he was in the program. What impact could earning an Executive MBA have on your career?

Career transformers

From independent consultant to senior marketing manager

From senior advancement officer to senior engagement director

From senior sales consultant to territory sales manager

How do you know when it’s time to apply?

Every student has his or her story about how they decided to enroll in the Foster Executive MBA Program. For Martin Fichter (VP, Product and Operations, HTC), a stint filling in as acting CEO made him realize that he still had a lot to learn about running a business. For sales executive Lala Somma (Shopper Marketing Manager, The Coca Cola Company), it was the realization that she needed to expand her knowledge of finance and other functions if she wanted to realize a dream of starting her own business. For Britt East (Ecommerce Director, Zones, Inc.), a scholarship from his employer created an opportunity to fill in gaps in his prior education and learn to speak the language of business fluently.

Ready for EMBA

Tech specialist needed to speak the language of business

When stars aligned, lifelong learner made his move

Improving economy, new opportunities made EMBA a good investment

Does an Executive MBA from the UW Foster School of Business sound like the right fit for you?

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