What makes a great leader?

Sara Jones, TMMBA Assistant Director

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” — Peter Drucker

Today I am sitting in on the 2nd day of the TMMBA Leadership Immersion. One of the assignments for students was to give a 3 minute presentation about how a personal leadership role model has shaped their view of leadership.  This morning I listened to several presentations and heard a lot about parents, managers, famous figures, and religious leaders.  I was impressed by the student’s level of self-reflection, insight, and thoughtful delivery.  These role models demonstrated passion, commitment, trust, integrity, the impact someone can have on others, vision, determination, and the ability to lead through action rather than words. 

I am proud of the quality of the TMMBA program and it’s students.  It was rewarding to see the students share and learn from each other as they discussed their leadership role models.  I look forward to watching their continued growth as they finish the remaining three quarters of their MBA.

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