Why a Foster PhD: Cristiano Guarana, Organizational Behavior track

Guest post by Cristiano Guarana, 2015 graduate, UW PhD in Organizational Behavior.

First placement: Darden Business School, University of Virginia
Current: Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Cristiano GuaranaJoining Foster School of Business as a doctoral student was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Seattle was the ideal place for my family. Professionally, Foster faculty is particularly attentive to your development. Personally, the Pacific Northwest is a great place to raise your family.

Developing doctoral students is a priority for faculty in the Management department. First, the Ph.D. program provides a good balance between theory and methods seminars. Through the theory seminars, I had innumerous opportunities to share ideas and get invaluable feedback that helped me broaden my research interests and deepen my theoretical knowledge. Through the methods seminars, I was exposed to different methodologies that helped me build my analytical skills. Second, faculty provides the support necessary for your success. For instance, I was assigned to a mentor who guided me through all my years at Foster. We have worked on multiple projects and the almost weekly meetings helped me develop my research stream. Third, faculty provides many opportunities for collaboration. I started working on research projects with my mentors, but gradually reached out to other faculty who were also developmental and supportive. Fourth, University of Washington psychology department is a wonderful resource and is open to all Ph.D. students. Prior to joining the Ph.D. I had no psychology background. The seminars on social psychology and personality helped me understand foundational theories that are critical for Organizational Behavior. Finally, other Ph.D. students are very respectful and talented. I felt safe to share my ideas and my colleagues’ comments’ were constructive and developmental.

The Pacific Northwest is fantastic! Coming from Brazil, Seattle seems a lit bit too far. However, the natural beauty more than compensate for the distance. That is the right place for you if you like the outdoors. Besides, Seattle is a vibrant city with great sport teams, theaters, museums, restaurants, and kids’ activities. My family took great advantage of the parks, lakes, and mountains.

There is no doubt that I made a great decision when I chose to earn my PhD at Foster and I certainly have no regrets. Go Huskies!