Why a Foster PhD: David Heckman, Organizational Behavior track

Guest post by David Heckman, 2007 graduate, UW PhD in Organizational Behavior.

First placement: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Current: University of Colorado

David Heckman I thoroughly enjoyed my five years in the doctoral program at Foster. I was fortunate to work with Kevin Steensma, Terry Mitchell, Tom Lee, and many other outstanding Foster faculty. I couldn’t have earned tenure at the Leeds Business at the University of Colorado without the incredible Foster education I received.

I also really enjoyed living in Seattle. My wife and I started our family there, raising our two little boys in our little Capitol Hill apartment. Seattle is a wonderful city filled with activity, culture and fascinating people.

And of course another highlight of my time in the doctoral program was interacting with the other doctoral students. Each person in the program is so unique and has their own fascinating story to tell about where they came from and where they’re intending to go both in terms of research and life. Overall I learned a lot, enjoyed my life and highly recommend Foster to anyone.

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