Why a Foster PhD: Dong Liu, Organizational Behavior track

Guest post by Dong Liu, 2011 graduate, UW PhD in Organizational Behavior.

First placement: Georgia Tech
Current: Georgia Tech

Dong LiuThe Foster School of Business PhD program in Management is recognized as one of the premier PhD programs in the world. In my experience as a PhD candidate, the program certainly lives up to that reputation. I have been deeply impressed by both the resources and facilities that the Foster PhD program provides to its professors and students. During my time there, I received not only excellent training on research and teaching, but also had ample opportunities to conduct high-quality research with colleagues and teach my own classes.

The professors at Foster held me to high academic standards: motivating and helping me understand the critical techniques and skills necessary for management research and education. They spent a tremendous amount of time and effort inspiring me to explore exciting research questions and guiding me through the journal publication process. Even after successfully graduating their students, the professors maintain a candid and life-long mentoring relationship. As a graduate, it has consistently been rewarding and stimulating to communicate with Foster professors as I continue to learn and grow through their advice and perspective-sharing.

In sum, the Foster School of Business PhD program promotes a unique educational environment for students to nurture their inner curiosity and pursue their academic dreams. It is the place where creativity and opportunity meet. I will always be thankful for everything that I gained by being associated with the Foster PhD program. Go Huskies!

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