Why did you choose TMMBA?

Kalpesh Shah, TMMBA Student

On one hand, I like my job, my employer and the people I work with. On the other hand, after more than 14 years of doing software development, it was time to move on. I wanted to move on to the business side of things and so it was time to get an MBA. However, quitting my job for a full time program was not an option for me. Did I mention I like my job? I like it even more every other week when I get the paycheck.

Once I started researching the various programs, it quickly became clear that TMMBA is the right program for me. I spoke to a number of current and previous students to get their feedback on the program. I visited one of the classes as guest student, something I highly recommend to anybody deciding on a program. Fortunately, the class I visited was Karma’s macroeconomics class. It was fascinating to watch how much she enjoys teaching the subject.

I also liked the fact that the program has duration of 18 months compared to 24 to 36 months of various other programs. Some people may not like the fact that there are no electives. In my books, this is a big plus. Frankly, it means one less thing I have to worry about. The fact that the program is located on the east side is just an icing on the cake.

Finally, I cannot say enough good things about the support staff. Every one of them is very dedicated to the program and helpful with absolutely anything we need. It also helps that their responsibilities include only the TMMBA program.

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