Why Foster?

DearTMMBA_640pxWe’ve noticed that a lot of our readers have pressing questions about the nature of a Technology Management MBA from UW’s Foster School of Business. From “Tell me about Foster” to all the way to “How will I survive an 18-month program?” So, we’ve decided to respond to myriad inquiries about the MBA for technology professionals. 

My colleagues all tell me that I need to check out the Technology Management MBA program. I know I definitely want to get my MBA from the University of Washington, but can you tell me more about the Foster School?
-Why Foster?

Dear Why Foster:
The Foster School of Business is the name of the premier business school at the University of Washington. The MBA program is ranked in the top 10 among public business schools, the faculty are all from UW’s Foster School, and are award-winning researchers with excellent teaching and consulting credentials. The reputation of the school is extremely positive with the business community. Foster TMMBA students are part of a prestigious business school that is housed at a nationally known university – the best of both worlds.

We realize that you may have a pressing question of your own, so please feel free to write Dear TMMBA  or you can call us at 206-221-6914. We’ll get right on it.

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