Why I chose the UW TMMBA program

Erin Aselas, TMMBA Student

I have to admit my decision was not exactly calculated, but rather more a result of a gut-check. I went to the open houses and attended some classes at the other local MBA programs, but the UW TMMBA program seemed to resonate with me the most. I think although I am on periphery of technology, I was drawn to this program because I tend to enjoy the personality and the curious nature of technology professionals.

As a prospective student, I sat in on a class. I think it was managerial accounting (which to me was great, however probably not everyone else’s first pick). Anyway, I was impressed with the program, the faculty, the classroom discussion and the individual students in the classroom – pretty much everything. I highly recommend sitting in on a class so you can check things out first hand. This program is not only a large financial commitment but a huge time commitment. Make sure this is right for you – if it is, you’ll love it. (OK “love” is a strong word especially as I just coming off finals, but…you know what I mean.)